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Mental Health Provider Information

Mental Health Providers

Primary Responsibilities

  • Carry a full caseload of 24-28 sessions per week.

  • Perform intake interviews with thorough information gathering about symptoms, history, and goals.

  • Diagnosis clients accurately.

  • Develop individualized treatment plans based on evidence-based research.

  • Ability to treat clients with a variety of mental health concerns and issues.

  • Provide short-term and long-term therapy.

  • Complete notes and records timely and efficiently.

  • Use EMR software for maintaining client’s record.

  • Consult with other medical providers and seek supervision for case consultation.

  • Provide occasional documentation for clients as needed.

  • Comply with HIPAA and privacy laws and standards.

  • Respond to clients through email and phone in a timely manner.

  • Communicate with team members and collaborate as needed.

  • Attend and participate in team meetings.

  • Communicate and follow up with patients responsibly and professionally.

  • Thorough documentation and notes regarding client care, follow ups, and treatment modalities.

  • Communicate with other team members professionally and be reliable with attendance and time management.

  • Appropriate boundaries with clients and team members. Timely communication via email and phone as needed.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Pay for full time doctoral level psychologists ranges from $75,000 to $120,000 per year. Pay for full time LMHC ranges from $65,000 to $90,000 per year. Pay is based on skill level, degree type, experience, qualifications, and insurance credentialing. There is opportunity to increase earnings over time.

  • Full time therapists receive 80 hours PTO. Opportunity to earn more paid leave with longevity in the company.

  • Part-time therapists (min. 12 sessions per week) are paid based on experience, skill level, and client retention.

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance for full time therapists.

  • Liability insurance paid in full and yearly contribution to continuing education

  • Reception staff to assist with scheduling, screening clients, billing, and other administrative needs.

Required Qualifications

  • Valid license to practice with no sanctions or restrictions

  • Current Washington state license to practice in your field

  • Doctorate degree (or Master's degree in other counseling credentials)

  • Successfully pass a background check

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