Nutrition Counseling


Callan Wall, R.D.

I have been practicing as a licensed registered dietitian since 2015, with experience in private practice, cardiac rehabilitation, cardio-oncology rehabilitation, and lifestyle medicine programs. I have extensive experience in counseling for conditions including, but not limited to, type 2 diabetes, heart failure, heart disease, IBS, cancer, disordered eating, &  binge eating. I currently live in Wilmington, NC, where I enjoy spending time at the beach, exploring new breweries & eclectic restaurants, & biking around town with my husband.

As a non-diet registered dietitian & a passionate advocate for Health At Every Size ®, I value focusing on health behaviors, instead of the scale, as a means to improving health. I value helping clients pursue health and wellbeing without restrictions & break out of the restrict/binge/guilt-shame cycle, while addressing body image concerns. My approach focuses on what we can add to your life to enhance your wellbeing (both mental and physical) instead of what we can take away. 


Chronic Disease Management


Type 2 Diabetes


Heart Disease

High Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure

Congestive Heart Failure



Unintentional Weight Loss

Overall Wellness


Intuitive Eating

Healing relationship with food & body

Disordered Eating

Improved Energy

Nutrition for active lifestyles

Currently accepting:
  • Private Pay
  • Currently waiting on insurance credentialing with Regence, First Choice, and Premera
  • Please complete the client scheduling form and you will be contacted as soon as possible for scheduling.
Initial Intake

Our first meeting will be a thorough discussion of your history, medical conditions, concerns, relationship with food, goals, and more. Prior to this meeting, you will complete an in-depth intake questionnaire. I will likely ask you follow up questions and will work to understand you as best as possible. The intake session is usually 60 minutes. I provide treatment through telehealth only (video or phone).

60 Minutes - $250

Nutrition Sessions

Short term and long term treatment is available depending on your nutrition goals. Typically, sessions are weekly or bi-weekly at the start of treatment. Some clients prefer to continue frequent sessions to maintain their progress and address new issues or stressors. Others choose to schedule monthly sessions or as needed. You determine what is best for you. Sessions are usually 30 minutes. Most insurance plans cover nutrition counseling. Check with your insurance carrier for session limits and coverage benefits.

30 Minutes - $100     45 Minutes - $150       60 Minutes - $200

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